Online Gaming In Africa

Lottery and Gaming continues play a prominent role in Africa's business. Every year, there are millions of dollars in revenue as tax to the nations and employs a huge number of individuals.

Some of the famous and most played gambling games in Africa includes Progressive slots, lotto, poker, bingo, powerball, instant card games, keno,etc. which are mostly in the form of lotteries. Traditionally scratch lottery and paper lottery games are mainstream. As technology advanced, now mostly online lotteries are getting famous in African population inferable from the accommodation it offers.

5/90 is one of the reputed lottery game played widely across West African states . The game is a actually fixed odd lotto that offers the adaptability to clients for looking over single to 5 numbers from 1-90 range and afterward place bets on them.We holistically view the entire operations of the lottery client and give valuable insights to the lottery management on areas where it needs to focus.

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GI Tech I Game India is ready to offer its unique and persistent assistance always. We comprehensively see the whole tasks of the lottery organization and give significant experiences to the lottery management on areas where it needs to primarily focus. We have successfully implemented our operations and team on Nigeria, Tanzania, South Africa, Senegal and in other parts of Africa.

For Online lottery support in Africa, we additionally provide a deliberate administration system to the lottery management to keep mind different cycles inside the organization. Utilizing GI Tech Gaming’s all-in-one support, a lottery administrator can undoubtedly screen all exercises occurring inside the organization with outright control and announcing process. We are the prominent players in Africa offering most of PMU betting, Soccer pools, Instant gaming, Baccarat, Casino solutions and support along with AI, Cloud integration, Mobility solutions etc.

Customized Software with Best Additional solutions

GI has built up an intuitive and intelligent web sale portal where each deal and win can be followed, and limited time material and data about most recent games can be passed on straightforwardly to players..

We additionally develop software for the particular prerequisites of customers. This customization is finished utilizing the most recent in technology and hardware to give high quality arrangements all out wellbeing, security and dependability.

Our B2B betting solutions for retail assignments rely upon awesome quality, solid software platforms with integrated AI solutions planned to improve players responsibility

  • GI's solutions facilitates administrators, a significant platform that empowers a simple medium into a totally new exercise of reputation management, powerful & beneficial marketing and client commitment. So it favours lotteries the double benefit of utilizing the incredible viral advertising model in amazing consumer driven social web domain.

  • GI's core platform furnishes lotteries with a-list payment handling framework and administrations. It issues open loop (Visa/Mastercard) player cards with client following offices for legal purposes and dependability programs

  • GI is supporting both online and offline systems with confident of high availability against the power surge problems occurs in most parts of Africa frequently.

We are ready to deliver our high quality POS solutions adaptive to Shops and Client's various requirements at most affordable prices to give the utmost satisfaction comparably to others..