GI Tech I Game India is an Gaming Technology organization providing result - oriented services and solutions to customers spread across the globe. Our core contributions incorporate custom software development solutions andready to dispatch platforms for All-inclusive Lottery solutions, Sports betting, e-paper & scratch lottery, online casinos, virtual gaming solutions etc.

Our partner engagement program is devoted to organizations and specialists with a solid gaming presence or with a strong foundation in the gaming space,developed to acquire new customers, explore gaming opportunities in new markets, enhance brand awareness,raise the commitment level and the maintenance of our end purchasers/clients.

We are exploring for strategic coalitions with different influencers within the gaming space.

  • Gaming Consultants

  • Slot Machine Manufacturers

  • Casino Operators

  • Sports Betting Consultants

Solutions Portfolio for Partnership deals:

Our Exclusive solutions portfolio facilitates organizations to expedite and implement most of the recent technology trends into their development plans. Some of them are:

  • Exclusive Online lottery solutions

  • Scratch/ Paper lottery ticketing systems

  • Player Engagement platform Systems

  • PMU and Virtual Sports gaming platforms

  • Casino gaming platforms

  • E-instant and more custom games

Apart from these, We facilitate various POS terminals including Retailer terminals, Self-Service Kiosk terminals, Hand-held terminals and Casino Betting terminals.

Solutions Portfolio for Partnership deals:

Partners play a crucial role in our growth, development and expansion. GI acknowledges the role of the partners ,
establishes their short & long term values and involves in their innovations.

In case of prospective customer introduced by the Partner, GI shall offer following models of collaboration.

  • GI shall possess the Customer. Partner to be rewarded on the X% of the contract value.
    (X% - Value of X depends upon the involvement, work and multiple factors.

  • GI and the Partner shall enter an agreement with the customer. In this case,
    GI shall be the invoicing authority to the customer.

  • A Partner can sell the white label solution provided by GI. Partner shall pay the agreed % of the
    sale proceeds to the GI. (This option is only for white label solutions)

Values GI Tech I Game India offers to its partners

In many areas, Our partners can find value in partnering with GI Group of gaming experts.

  • GI Tech I Game India is one of the top and few specific gaming development companies in globe – a nation broadly known as a technology powerhouse to be reckoned with.

  • We comprehend that the necessities of clients are not exactly equivalent as here and there and even inside a specific geographic region.

  • We consistently endeavour to address the necessities of our clients and oblige their essentials by redesigning, and modifying our software products according to their prerequisites.

  • We favour autonomy, transparency, loyalty and take ownership. Definitely, we hate politics and hierarchies always .

  • For Lottery or any betting, Start up consulting, our company's specialized team visits the customer's location to comprehend the need, present setup, likely setup and issues confronted as of now, to fuse all these while building up a redid software solutions for the customer.