GI'S Custom Sports betting software development

GI offers a Custom Sports Betting platform to its customers enabling their clients to place bets on wide variety of sporting events like Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, etc and Racing events like Horse, Motor Racing events, et al. The cutting edge sports betting platform uses the most recent technology and encryption to give the operator a clean and simple platform to run your own special online sportsbook.

* Seamless betting experience

* Highly-customizable front end

* Maximum ARPU from multi-channel customer access

Along with crucial third party integrations like KYC, widgets, odds etc, the GI Sports betting app solutions incorporate all the essential features of the present day sportsbook that permits Live and In-play betting, a risk management module, a real time result system, multiple bet types support etc..

Exclusive features of our Sports betting app development

We offer a fully integrated, best-in-class technology solution for sports betting players. For a wider coverage we have a sports betting app can be tailored to suit the customers unique requirements.

An unique game design

Our software experts will develop and customize designs that makes your online business or project stand apart from the clutter of dull betting assets..

Lucrative bonus features>

These packages include various types of bonus features like Cash back bonus, matching bet bonus, Initial deposit bonus, free bets bonus etc. for profitable online sports businesses.

Constant access

To fill up the gaps in real sports, virtual sports provides constant betting facilities at any time of the day to enable an endless opportunity for your players to bet.

Real time odds & Live scores

User can view the scores while placing bets, Exclusively For tennis, there are live match odds, tote bets for horse racing and pre-match odds for soccer.

Betting community

We guarantee the best access to the betting community facilitating easy access and get in touch with other users for tips and updates from the betting world.

Calendar and schedules

Our betting software provides access to keep track of the games and upcoming matches with updates and notifications.

Various intuitive panels of sports betting app

Player panel

Empowers gamers to have a pleasurable experience with the informative panel equipped with all the essential information.

  • Live feed

    Never miss the action with a devoted live feed that is intended to keep players tuned in with all the subtleties they require.

  • Customizable profile

    Enables players to make their own special record and secret phrase, make a customized profile and oversee it according to their benefit.

  • Intuitive Navigation

    With a design plan that is centred on making the client experience as basic and proficient as could be expected, our navigation devices let players navigate the application easily.

  • Betting tips

    Improve the client experience with ongoing tips from specialists that allows players to raise their wagering game to the next level.

  • Results & notifications

    Gamers will be updated of the outcomes regardless of where they are with moment message pop-ups as in application messages, SMS, and so on.

  • Bonuses and Rewards

    Gift your players with remunerations, offers, rewards, and more for getting the message out to loved ones through the type of referrals.

Bookie panel

The real-time Bookie Panel provides the latest odds and other critical information. The live feed assists you to stay in the game always.

  • Manage Schedules & Calendars

    Bookies can deal with their matchups, plans, set dates and imprint calendars for updates and events and so forth, which will likewise be shown to players.

  • Oversee Accounts

    Permits bookies to make their own novel record and secret key, make a customized profile and oversee it according to their benefit.

  • Push pop-ups

    Empower your bookies with constant updates by means of pushing pop-ups or notifications that give them all the data they require to run effective operations.

  • Real time Odds

    Keep bookies refreshed by profiting them with the most recent on the steadily changing chances from around the betting scene.

  • Customer assistance

    Offer a consistent communication framework between the players and bookies, empowering a productive encounter for everybody included.

  • Informative Dashboard

    With a committed dashboard that is refreshed progressively, bookies can sign in at anytime and check the status of the bets and payouts.

Admin panel

This exclusive panel helps you to manage the online sports betting software most optimally; it allows monitoring the business remotely.

  • Finance Management

    This tool deals with your income, expenses, the wagering sums and so on, in a point by point way with this intuitive Finance management system.

  • Promoting Management

    Uplift your business to the next level with our best in class advertising tool that allows you to develop your valuable brand, spread the word and become the subject of conversation.

  • Betting Management Tool

    This comprehensive admin board accompanies a management device that lets the administrator oversee bets and all the other things under one simple rooftop.

  • Overview

    Keep a superior view on the whole betting activity with a detailed through and through methodology that discloses to you all updates that you need to know.

  • Viable Risk Assessment

    Permits administrators to run a productive undertaking with a determined risk appraisal tool , worked to limit hazards and boost benefits.

Extensive Betting App Types

Head to head

A common and popular form of betting witnessed globally is Head-to-Head. This involves placing bets on the match result, namely 'win' or 'lose'.


is a betting tool that is found to be quite famous among Golfers across the United States.


is an attractive betting type that combines low risk with low costs. Moreover, profits can be easily and quickly calculated.

Totals (Over/Under)

is a betting type that is used extensively in Statistics games such as cards, free, throws, and points.

Each way

The tool of 'Each Way' is used by individuals who bet on horse racing. The operator establishes the terms and conditions based on which prizes will be paid later.


is a betting type that consists of two different selection rounds. The one who wins both rounds is the winner of the prize.


is another type of betting that is similar to the double. It requires winning all three selection rounds to get the prize.


is the betting type in which gamblers having more than one winning selection may accumulate their bets, thus enhancing the return rate.

FAQ'S on Sports betting

  • What is virtual sports betting and why you need it?

    Virtual sports betting are best software simulations that provides exciting real time betting experience than normal sports, so most of the people prefer motion capture features for their software solutions and to achieve huge profits as well.

  • Why you can opt for virtual horse racing and pmu betting softwares?

    To achieve complex sports animations for horse racing and computerised random draw, one can prefer virtual horse racing betting. Here, the odds of the different horses are produced by having the horses with the lower odds have more numbers in the draw compared to horses with higher odds. We deliver scalable pmu betting solutions which are much popular in Africa.

  • What are the primary types of sports betting you need to know?

    Major types of sports betting are Exchange betting, Spread betting, Live betting, e-sports betting, and pari mutual betting.

  • What is pari mutual or PMU betting software and different types of pari mutual betters?

    This is a unique type of betting also known as Pool betting, here wagers can be placed against other bettorswho have placed wagers on the same event. Some types of pari mutual wagers are show wager, place wager, across the board, each way, trifecta, exacta and Duet . PMU betting is well known among the professional gamblers and recreational bettors alike

  • What are the countries that allow most of the sports betting solutions?

    Sports betting mostly depends on the country's culture and it differs based on the people's interests also. It is reputed and allowed in major US cities like Las vegas, Macau, Mexico, China, Kenya, UK, Brazil, South Africa, Ghana, Argentina, Canada, Australia, Germany, India, and in more African, American countries.

  • What are the features you need for lucrative sports betting apps and software?

    The best features that are needed for lucrative sports betting solutions are

    1Good risk management layer protocols,

    2Detailed statistics about player's win/loss ratio

    3Live betting features

    4Odds management etc.

  • Who are one of the best sports betting software providers in Africa?

    GI Tech games has established and providing sports betting solutions in various parts of Africa including, Senegal, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya etc. and acquired numerous trusted partners for the past decade. So we are proud to be one of the top sports betting software provider in Africa.

  • What are the extensive services we provide for the custom sports betting software solutions?

    We facilitate custom bet type development, backoffice service development, content management system, wallet management, if required pari mutual UI/UX design, API hub design, business support and maintenance addons.

  • How we make plan for your Sports betting software engine?

    We begin with describing Buyer Personas, doing user needs research, and analyzing the customer journey. Using the information gathered, define the scope of the product and prioritize the tasks. Wireframes and minimal prototypes are being developed.

Why GI Tech games is your Reliable Sports betting software developer?

GI Tech games is an official partner of Bet Radar and offers their odds and feed to customers who intend to provide Sportsbook & betting apps. In this highly competitive market, of gambling and sports betting you need an organization with the essential capabilities to take on any difficulties that may arise. With over 14+ long experience with the software & betting industry, GI gives you all the systems, tools and information that you would require to be a leader in the business.

Moreover, our Sports betting software system is a coordinated, comprehensive, solution for readily handling betting activities and is intended to give the total administration of sports betting apps or games, at the operations, risk management and decision making level. It is capable of interfacing to other services for betting events set-up help and for getting to comparison tools, and external monitoring frameworks. We take care of the following needs.

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