Comprehensive Rummy game development solutions

Rummy is a conventional Indian game usually played by 2 to 5 players and the player can win monetary rewards. This game is picking up a ton of prominence among players and now Rummy games can be played online also, which is the reason behind the attachment of players towards the Rummy games.

Our team delivers comprehensive rummy game solutions covering all parts of the game including offers payment gateway integration for Fiat currency, and digital forms of money like Bitcoin. Our Rummy software enables financial transactions in a secure environment with all-inclusive transaction tracking systems.

Why GI Tech for rummy game softwares

We have proven record of successful implementation of rummy software platforms and their efficient maintenance till date, In order to make our rummy game application development advanced and innovative, we are ready with some main features,

  • We deliver best engaging andrewarding based rummy game solutions which attracts and pulls in players to the different cross platforms, for example, iOS, Android and website.

  • To reduce costs and time, we deliver Readymade rummy game clone scripts, that they only need to buy the source code for the various stages and incorporate into their system to run the code.

  • We develop different types of rummy games like pool rummy, points rummy, classic rummy, junglee rummy, khel play rummy etc.. based on client’s requirements.

Apart from these, We facilitate various POS terminals including Retailer Terminals, Self-Service Kiosk Terminals, Hand-held Terminals and Casino Betting Terminals.


Advanced technologies

Our rummy software development is levied on of cutting edge technologies like,AR, Blockchain and VR to satisfy the long term objectivesand to meet the advanced needs for the Clients & end-users.

Easy to download & install

For the convenience of users, we deliver simple, user-friendly & secure apps that are easy to download at low speed net connection and use.

Loyalty coupons

With Loyalty coupons, best rewards, and deals are offered by our Rummy clone scripts that we develop to pull in the players for long term or revisiting needs.

Live chat requirements

We deliver cost effective live chat options for our clients, with the coordination of cutting edge technology Bots, the purpose is to give quick answers to the clients or simultaneously to numerous clients, which assists with sparing time and enhances customer satisfaction.

Interactive UI effects

For engaging gaming experience, we incorporate rich functionalities including 3D game skins Unity, Maya, Flash and graphic tools.

Mobile app solutions

Players have changed the method of playing the game and so we are utilizing the most recent advances and highlights of the mobile app development industry.

Different types of Rummy games we develop


It’s often referred as Strikes rummy, usually played between 2 to 6 players with 2 packs of cards. Enquire GI Tech to experience the speed and thrill of winning more cash prizes with our latest formats. These software packages are often improved to suit the new rules and essential features by our expertise team.


GI Tech also deals in the most popular Pool rummy, we bring genuine live rummy casinos for the players which offers the real sorcery to the clients with trend setting innovation. Pool rummy is a actual and significant level rummy game for amusement with entry expanse.


Our Deals rummy game software is engaged by the most recent and cutting edge innovation Artificial Intelligence. Our rummy game development is like junglee rummy,classic rummy, andKhel play rummy software. However the objective of grouping the cards remain the same.


One of the popular indian rummy similar to points rummy, but with small difference, players play for points and these points have monetary value associated to them. This monetary value is called Point Value. The point value continuously increases at regular intervals.