Distinct Baccarat Game Software solutions<

GI Tech Gaming Co has developed a Baccarat casino software that incorporates a number of critical features. . Regardless of whether the player is a layman or an exceptionally talented casino player, our Baccarat casino software is suited for different types of users. The development team comprises of a team of experienced casino and baccarat game developers who have implemented industryspecific innovations for building up an element rich Baccarat casino game for your business.

We target meeting our customer's particular requirements and providing them with a completely tweaked Baccarat casino software that is altogether worked around their brand. This game is exceptionally simple to play while providing best fun experience to the player.

There are different rules about how you need to play this specific game. In this game, the player and the banker gets combined bets apart from the 3 betting choices that forms a part for this exciting game.

Features of our Baccarat game software

Robust and secure IT solutions

Our Baccarat software system is secure and reliable for your clients as we ensure the security of the platform including secure transaction methods and reliable 3rd party integrations.

Customized solutions

With distinct and most user-friendly backend management systems and CRM access, we deliver customized online Baccarat casino solutions according to your requirements.

Multilingual support

Our baccarat solutions has multilingual support enabling a target audience from different geographic areas.

Intuitive Game design

Our 2D & 3D designs are first in class and are upheld by capable back end logic, instructive dashboards, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, considering a natural gaming experience.

Efficient server support

Your online baccarat websites are installed on 100% secure server, with high bandwidth ensuring hassle-free 24/7 functioning of your business.

Finance Management

This tool deals with your income, expenses, the wagering sums and so on, in a point by point way with this intuitive Finance management system.

We develop different BACCARAT game types

Chemin de fer

Chemin De Fer also called as Chernay is played as a snappier game form and is accordingly upheld in our Baccarat casino stage for your players who want to go for quick gameplay in which 6 cards deck is utilized and rearranged together. The players seat in arbitrary order, generally in an oval table and the cards that get disposed of move to centre of table.


Two card decks that are rearranged together are utilized by Macao. Bets are put by the punters against financiers. This is one of the most famous game forms and preferred by numerous players in world. Along these lines, our Baccarat casino platform underpins this change, remembering the necessity of significant objective audience.


Mostly in the US, Australia, UK, Macau , Sweden and Finland, PuntoBanco baccarat is one of well played and dominant game. Our software underpins this game adaptation while remembering the intended interest group from different areas. In this type of version, there are fixed standards of drawing that are named as tableau. Banker is named as banco and player as punto which are assignments for two of the hands that are managed in each coup.

Baccarat Banque

This is a unique Game version in which banker’s position is perpetual in contrast with Chemin De Fer. Except if the financier gets defeated, he holds the workplace till all the cards get managed. Inter rearranged decks are contained by the shoe.Let be any of this type game, GI Tech delivers innovative and exclusive crypto-based Baccarat game software that includes numerous indispensable features.