Our E-paper lottery solutions

With E -Lotteries taking over traditional paper lottery, we have come up with the best e-paper lottery solutions that caters to the unique needs of gamers the world-over. GI gave a facelift to paper lottery business by taking paper lottery stocks online through its automated system.. Our robust E-lottery software is based on Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Blockchain, IoT and Cloud.

We support e-paper lottery solutions with effective, custom solutions and payment systems that are user friendly at same time. Tickets are printed at the POS terminal based on numbers generated in the central system enabling the paper lotteries to have an online facelift. Our team strives hard to adhere to quality standards and to meet each and every need of our clients in an efficient manner. Also we assure

Seamless Customizations

Custom Online Lottery Games

3rd Party integration

Custom Website Design

Our E-Paper Lottery Software Exclusive Features

Reliable payment systems

We are assured to be your reliable partner in handling user-friendly, tailored solutions and reliable payment systems used across worldwide countries including Singapore, Germany, Norway, African and American countries.

Transparency and fairness

We have different segments, for example, RNG module, blockchain development, and so on for guaranteeing the fairness and transparency in the gaming activities and payment exchanges.

Target audience-specific features

We are well informed and aware about the industry patterns in various topographical areas. You can illuminate us about the where and what type of audience you are focusing on and we will redo our component list according to the desires for your intended interest group.

Multilingual support

Our Lottery solutions accompanies a special and essential element of multilingual support for covering the worldwide demographic and target audiences from different geographic areas.

Analytics report

The players can get complete analytics report about their exchanges, interactivity and play an arranged and analysed on going gameplay on your online lottery software.

Compatibility with multiple devices

Our software is viable on portable, web and tablet accordingly your players can helpfully get to the online lottery platform from any of the gadgets according to their straightforwardness.

Why you can choose GI Tech I Game India for E-paper lottery?

Our Experiential solutions include several highlights like

  • Proven, robust and innovative e-paper lottery solutions
  • Capable of handling unlimited transactions per day
  • No unsold ticket reporting
  • Sophisticated Gaming transaction engine

Any paper-based number games and raffle schemes can be converted to E-paper lottery with automatic software updates direct to the terminals from server. In tune with the global trend, we have developed e-paper lottery solutions with in-game alerts for reminding players for responsible play and enable players for setting own limit points by means of independent control board readily.

Our e-paper lottery solutions cater to the clients convenience by using the best interface. We are aimed to deliver superior cost-effective, results-driven Customer contact management solutions for both Inbound and Outbound services.