GI'S Comprehensive casino software solutions

Casino games from GI incorporates vivid structure and dazzling storylines that encompasses players in the air of betting from the absolute first second. Our Dynamic Casino platform ensures management and control over all of the segments and functionalities of your online casino projects.

*Multiple screen slots

*Efficient technical support and maintenance

*Third party API integration

*Straight forward approach

We incorporate different payment frameworks and methods upon your request or requirements. Be it trending mobile casinos, we enable it through the mobile browser with license to operate without restrictions. Thus our prepackaged product will save you time and money, allowing faster implementation and speedy delivery

Our wide range of casino games include

Our experienced team of developers offer a wide scope of games including Classic slots, Video slots, Baccarat, several types of roulette and video poker, card games etc. as below,

Roulette We deliver this fascinating casino game consists of roulette wheel with divisions around its edge that rotates around the base of a bowl. Just guess the number on which the ball lands on. Win your day.
Slot games We make the most realistic and captivating casino slots, for example, Frozen Treasure, Arabian Slot and Jungle Quest to give your casino clients a brilliant gaming experience. Win this fun casino game by landing three of the same numbers or sings on your turn.
Video poker We provide this enjoyable and popular game that simulates video poker gambling machines. It features the most commonly found machines in casinos. Experience all the fun and fervour of a conventional poker game from the comfort of your home
Bingo Our popular bingo casino game software variants are 80-Ball Bingo, 75-Ball bingo, Stallion race bingo, Bingo bonanza, Coverall bingo game, etc. These games are available with best graphic interface and many fun filled bingo rooms.
Blackjack The objective in this game is to get the nearest to 21 as you can without surpassing it or adding up to higher than the vendor. We deliver high quality native, hybrid and web live Blackjack games for smartphones as well as desktops.
Casino card game The point in Casino is to catch cards from a format of face up cards on the table. A card is caught by playing a coordinating card from hand. It is likewise conceivable to catch a few cards on the double if their qualities amount to the estimation of the card played.

In-app Virtual gaming experience

With the component of virtual items purchase, your players can purchase the virtual items that can be utilized as resources for winning the match and can help them in different playing stages.

Developed with Exclusive tools

We offer unrivalled Casino Gaming Software development by leveraging powerful IMS platform, fully automated marketing tools, and business intelligence technology.

Land based casino software system

Admins can approach the management portals and will have the option to change rules, impair games, and change the game plan structure progressively.

All-inclusive Scoreboard

For showing the scores, winning results, on-going matches, champs in various levels, and so forth , super modern and effectively traversable Scoreboards are incorporated in our Casino Game Software.

Intuitive Game design

Our 2D & 3D designs are first in class and are upheld by capable back end logic, instructive dashboards, and that's only the tip of the iceberg, considering a natural gaming experience.

Efficient server support

Your online casino websites are installed on 100% secure server, with high bandwidth ensuring hassle-free 24/7 functioning of your business.

Our advanced Roulette Game software development

Roulette betting solutions

We additionally offer Roulette betting arrangement that satisfy wagering creators of
punters in corresponding to the Roulette gaming.

Fantasy roulette game software

For boosting up the playing excitement of your players who love fantasy, we have brought elegant, interactive and fantasy inspired roulette gaming variants for them

Blockchain integration in Roulette game software

Integrating blockchain in Roulette platform in Roulette platform improves transparency of gaming tasks and decency of game play.

Roulette Mobile app solutions

Our Roulette mobile development application for Android just as iOS platform easily draws in mobile utilizing players for your business.

White label solutions

We integrate efficient White label solutions, the future of online casino gaming with its unique offering. It is a comprehensive solution that is designed to be cost-effective with zero time to market.

FAQ'S on Casino/Roulette games

  • Why Online casino games or roulette are more better to play?

    Roulette is a simple game in theory, but when there are many people on a table with chips all over the place, it can be very complicated. This is why some casinos use wheel checks to assign specific coloured chips. You won't have to worry with this if you play quick or online roulette because you'll have your own betting board apart from everybody else on the same roulette wheel.

  • What type of roulette games available?

    There aren't as many varieties of roulette as there are of other casino games. This is owing to the game's simplicity. Strange variants should be avoided by players in general because they usually represent inferior odds and a higher house edge.

    American roulette & European roulette are the most common versions. The American wheel has 38 numbers on it, including 0 & 00, but the European wheel has 37 numerals and only the 0. The 00 in the American version obviously gives the player lower odds. If you have the option, we recommend playing European roulette.

  • Are there any roulette strategies that work?

    You may find hundreds of roulette methods online and in books, but the majority of them will lead you nowhere. As a result, you should save your time and money. Because roulette is a completely random game with a predetermined house edge, there is no way for a player to beat the house and benefit.

  • What is house edge in a casino game?

    In a certain game, the house edge is the amount of money the house will profit from. As a result, 97.24 percent of the money wagered on a roulette table would be returned to the players, while 2.76 percent will go to the casino. Of course, this is just a theory, and lucky or unlucky streaks and play can substantially alter the practical house edge as established after the fact.

    The betting chart is spread out on the felt as you approach a roulette table. This is referred to as the layout. This graph features a 0 across the top and numbers ranging from 1 to 36. Thirds of the table are broken up as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd 12, column bets at the bottom that pay 2 to 1, number bets from 1-18 and 19-36, odds and evens, and red and black on the side of the number chart.

  • What is Online casino software RTP?

    Every game's return to player rate, or RTP, is the proportion of each wager that is returned to the players. This is usually stated in the specifications and terms and conditions. This can be anything from 90% and 97 percent.

    However, for the purpose of the uninitiated, there is a misunderstanding regarding the RTP: the "return" does not refer to each individual player, but to all players in general. This means that a select group of players, rather than everyone who spent money, may benefit from these "returns" through jackpots.

  • What you should know about Online casino software payments?

    If the payment and deposit methods are both checked, the payment is also checked. This means that the audit will also look at the funds that the online casino has on hand in case a withdrawal is made.

    A substantial sum of money should be on hand, sufficient to cover a large number of withdrawals. This is frequently several times larger than the casino's largest conceivable jackpot.

  • What are video slots?

    Video slots such as slot machines, table games, card games, and lotteries are all examples of video slots.

    They work with special computer programmes that manufacturers install in land-based casino slots and internet game software using computer chips.

  • What are difference between coins and credits?

    A slot machine's in-game money is coins.You can usually set 1 to 10 coins per line. A coin's value is measured in credits. The value range is determined by the rules of each slot machine or casino. Some spaces only accept coins or credits as a form of payment.

What are the Unique features of our Roulette & Slot Games?

Slots from GI attracts gamblers by its excellent functionality and bonus features. They are developed with the most recent 3D technologies, supporting in excess of 40 languages and more than 25 monetary forms, just as large dynamic jackpots drawing in gamblers in several numbers, Apart from this,

Functionality support
  • Reliable Third-Party Integrations
  • On-demand Customizations
  • Major Cryptocurrencies Support
Online casino security

Secure player portals to store players' personal information, and payment info.

  • Entity Authentication
  • Key Agreement
  • Custom Loyalty Platforms
  • Module monitoring
  • Reliable RNG solutions
  • Top of the line camera and video streaming for live casino

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