GI'S Custom developed Lottery Software solutions

We are a cost effective and right technology partner to provide an efficient Online lottery brand with best licensing and legal requirements. We have gained the appreciation from leading lottery operators in Africa, Germany, India & more global clients, as of date, Our technology powers over 40000 + terminals that collectively handles volumes of more than 12 million transactions per day. So we stand as one of the Largest lottery gaming terminal provider across globe and India.

Comprehensive list of lottery solutions

Lottery kiosk & POS terminals

The kiosk solutions enable perfect QR code reading of play slip, as well as lottery and scratch ticket barcode reading and processing, and receipt printing. Our POS terminals are stand alone and mobile based to accommodate various market demands, offering convenient and quick transactions simultaneously.

Lottery management software

We offer new age lottery management solutions equipped with MIS panels, Terminal management systems, customized online gaming suites, multiple payment gateways etc.

RNG Lottery solutions

The RNG solution is a scalable lottery software package that incorporates efficient algorithms and modern cryptographic hardware to generate winning numbers that can't be predicted and afterward consequently peruses the outcome with various voice options.

Online lottery gaming suite

This is a lucrative & versatile lottery gaming suite that includes variations of, power ball, superlotto, keno, cards, Lotto 5/90, megamillions, Pick 4,5 family etc.

Lottery tracking software

This is an inexpensive tracking software system, to automate and simplify daily sales history of different type of instant lottery tickets at end of day to avoid stock outs and better accuracy in lottery operations.

Lottery ticket management

Our custom lottery applications runs on a secured enterprise cloud service handling e-paper and scratch tickets with easy to use interface, inventory stats, rich report formats and more exclusive features.

Highlights of our Exclusive Lottery Solutions & Services

GI Tech Gaming Co offers an extensive lottery tracking and management system that are proven, robust and innovative. GI's unique system has the capability to integrate Lottery, Sports and Virtual Games on a single platform enabling the operator to provide all services across multiple sales channels. GI's Solution is being offered to customers having tens of thousands of terminals to a few hundred terminals and can plug into any existing system, thus facilitating faster roll-out and Go Live.

Quick & Reliable support

GI offers all customers a round the clock support ensuring that any support requirement is addressed quickly and efficiently with the minimum of down time.

Comprehensive cloud solutions

GI's extensive tracking solutions on cloud enables a quick rollout with least customization requirements that can be done quickly and easily. For smooth go live, GI have implemented GILS stage at its ISMS 27001-confirmed Data server and disaster recovery set up keeping most of IT related costs at minimum range.

Player Engagement platform

PEP is an essential requirement for any lottery business that needs engaging players in a more wholesome manner. PEP is a mix of big data analytics and a robust communication platform with a seamless ticketing system for customer queries. Customers can target a double-digit growth to their B2C channel of sale using analytics and suggestions from the PEP platform. Any traditional lottery can use GI's PEP to have a more wholesome and complete interaction

Multilingual support

The GI's comprehensive lottery applications readily supports multiple languages to enable operators target worldwide audiences from different geographic areas.

Multiple Website formats

Our platform supports an incredible assortment of adjustable website skins so you can settle on a decision that suits your image prerequisites. The GI web development team works with the client from the beginning to create a user-friendly website that attracts players to visit and play on the site.

Follows the needed legal compliances

GI's quality team strives to meet all regional criteria and guarantees that any requirements imposed by the local regulator are met.

Multiple Lottery Contests/Pools

Our Online lottery gaming solutions boasts of a number of lottery pools offering players a mirad number of games and opportunities to play various type of games at any given moment of time.

Analytics report

The players can get a complete analysis report on their transactions, activity and bets arranged and analysed on a daily basis and provided on the platform

Lottery tracking solutions and Risk Management

Our user-friendly lottery tracking solutions provides complete control to the administrator. Dynamic game risk management implies that you can set explicit boundaries to each bet of your lottery games to guarantee unlimited oversight on your business.

Performance monitoring

The component of performance monitoring in our online lottery platform guarantees that the performance of every player is firmly checked to eliminate any kind of wrong decisions during game play.



Our varied range of lotto games are provided based on different odds and offered with flexible game maths.Playing the lotto requires picking a set of numbers out of a predetermined pool which could be to select 6 out of 49, picking 6 out of 90 while another type is 5 out of 75. In most cases, the draws take place twice weekly with a payout staring in the Millions.

Keno lottery

We develop this exciting game with virtual ball draw or physical draw device, in which large cash can be made with a little investment. The option would be to select 10 balls from twenty balls drawn from a pool of 80 balls or a suitable variation based on the game scheme. Our keno game software allows you to modify margins, payouts and jackpot contributions, if required. Many types of keno like multicard keno, power keno, video keno etc. are offered.

Power ball

This is another reputed lottery game that utilizes two drums to draw balls. One drum is utilized for the white balls and one for the red "Force" ball, which gives the lottery its name. It offers one jackpot, which expands each time that no triumphant jackpot ticket is sold, and an assortment of more modest monetary rewards.Our powerball lottery apps save you much time in playing and easily check the results. It also features to view the winning numbers, draw dates and jackpot totals for better play.

Pick 3, Pick 4..

These games vary slightly in number and ways of playing. Choose how you need to play dependent on the prize you need to play for. Depending on the outcome, a few numbers must be played one route. As the odds increase, so does the value of the reward. Your ticket will consider your play style.

Lotto 5/90

5/90 is one of the reputed lottery game played widely across West African states. The game is a actually fixed odd lotto that offers the adaptability to clients for looking over single to 5 numbers from 1-90 range and afterward place bets on them.

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