Custom Scratch card lottery solutions

If you are operating any grocery store, convenience store, smoke shop, or any other retail outlets, that sells Scratch off lottery tickets, and your store is as of now utilizing a paper strategy for following and accommodating lottery deals, GI is ready to automate the process for you, our scratch lottery solutions are designed in such a way that the sales can be tracked both in online and offline from the customer’s point of sale terminals.

GI has extensive experience in offering End to End encrypted solutions for scratch lottery software & support as well as a variety of features and packages. As one of the largest lottery terminal operator, We provide our lottery solutions in India and International market capable of handling robust transactions software and support.

Our Lottery administration prime features

  • Along with sales tracking system, we integrate built-in accounting support with the application program. This saves customers the time and cost for installation of additional accounting packages and data re-entry.
  • Gives you customized inventory control planned explicitly for your online lotto and lottery scratch-off games.
  • Run inventory reports by office.
  • Actuate new books effectively when a book number for a game changes. Just select the best possible book, enter the new book number, and select Activate.
  • Corporate is constantly advised of count changes and can perceive what the normal beginning count was present initially.
  • Can be consequently made dependent on any actuated book(s).
  • All variances, if present, are shown in the "Variances" segment. Run variance reports utilizing a heap of channel choices. See precisely which game was finished/under.
  • Complete and efficient Ticket Validation process is carried in simple and compact manner.
  • Suitable for logistics processes at cost effective methods and measures readily.
  • In overall view, our lottery management system, saves customers the time and cost for installation of additional accounting packages and data re-entry. We make it also convenient to combine the sports betting platform into the existing Lottery Platform.

Look into our Comprehensive solutions

  • Our Artificial Intelligence-based solutions offer superior experience to you and your precious users.
  • Scratch card games for lucrative results or turnover
  • Cost-effective, results-driven scratch lottery management solution

Our scratch lottery system helps you to monitor your results in real time and from the first interactions. We provide the best scratch lottery management solution that helps you to customize the features adaptive to any outlets. We enable personalizing the user experience in simple steps to create a professional app that works on smartphones, tablets, and all modern digital devices.